Why Years 7-10?

Personal Development

The middle years, ages 10 – 15, are a crucial developmentaTaylor2l period in the lives of young people. South Auckland Middle School is a developmental window as well as a learning window. It provides an environment where children can have their personal, emotional, academic, physical, social, and spiritual needs met in a supportive manner. 

One aim of running the school as a middle school is to give the students the chance to be children for a little longer; to give them more time to explore their own interests and dreams without the pressure for precocious social development that can occur at intermediates and large secondary schools. In saying that, a large amount of energy and commitment is required from each student and they will develop personally as well as academically.

Here you can see what our unique approach and growth mindset means to one of our families: 


A student graduating from South Auckland Middle School will have:

  • had the opportunity to develop their potential in a wide range of academic, physical, cultural, and social areas.
  • been in a continuously stimulating learning environment.
  • had emphasised the very best teaching, learning and thinking techniques and the best use of ICT skills and opportunities.
  • been in an environment permeated with Christian values and philosophy basis that genuinely facilitates the child’s development.
  • followed an integrated, project-based curriculum that encompassed the New Zealand Curriculum guidelines and developed the Ministry of Education’s essential skills framework.