Afternoon Programme


sams sports

Development of sporting skills and good attitudes towards sport and physical activity is a key curriculum aim for the school. Each year group will have a total of 2 sport afternoons every week. During that time, parents are able to withdraw their children for specialised coaching in an area of choice. The school will compete in inter-school sports where the numbers required allow it. The school has also developed links to high-quality coaches and sporting providers.Where it is a stated interest for a child, sporting development will be included as a part of a student’s I.B.P. and will be seen as an area to emphasise.

Part of our learning philosophy is that learning can happen anywhere. Twice a week sport is programmed in the afternoon. The uniform is designed for outdoor use as well as for the students to look good. They will need to have the right gear for sport and also be sure that they have the hat and sunscreen for the hotter months and the jacket for the cooler weather.



Musicsams kids

Like all subject areas, the students are able to incorporate aspects of music into their project-based learning as music is a key part of the culture of the school. There is also a designated afternoon each week set aside for each year group to study Music. This is a practical in-class music programme involving Guitar and Keyboard Skills.

This time can also be an opportunity for students to travel out to their private music teachers or for tutors to come in. As in a normal school situation, this tutoring is at the parent’s expense – the difference is that the child is not having to be withdrawn from normal classroom time. Speech and foreign language extension could also be an option that parents seek to take up during this time.




SAMS art pic

Like all subject areas, the students are able to incorporate aspects of art into their project-based learning, including the opportunity to present their material in varied and creative ways. This includes the study of artists and their work in their historial and social context, and always involves pratical art projects where students can explore a variety of techniques, including painting, printing, sculpting, photography, and ceramics; creating works that link back to the theme of their current project in other subjects. There is also a designated afternoon each week for each year group set aside for art and a specialist teacher is employed to oversee that time and give guidance.



Community Learning

The Community Learning afternoons are for involvement in the community by visiting musuems, art galleries, businesses, libraries, and more. Guest speakers are also invited to the school to speak to classes and bring expert information to the projects the students are studying.