What Students Say

Reflections from students in our foundation year, 2014

1. Adam King

As a student attending South Auckland Middle School and I know many others would agree, our school has encouraged me further through the journey I am walking. SAMS has given me greater confidence and knowledge, allowing myself to open new windows of opportunities with regards to my learning. This was seen in a form where my teachers focused on enhancing my strengths and overcoming my weaknesses.

Furthermore, they have equipped me with the tools of when given a task, how to manipulate it so that I am able to further elaborate on what a task might be asking. At times, the challenges that were placed before me may have seemed impossible at first to face, but through the guidance and support by my fellow peers and teachers, I gained the capability to tackle these challenges to the best of my ability.

SAMS has provided a window of opportunity for me, one of fantastic learning experiences, which has catered to my traits and learning styles.

With regards to academic standards, high expectations have been placed on me where they have been both demanding and fully supported.

I look forward to what lies ahead for me next year, as I stand here more confident in undertaking the many paths of my learning journey.

2. Lola Sau

Being a student at SAMS is not only about friendship and loyalty, but also a great bond that we all have. In my first days at school, I never thought I would be the person I am today. Not only has it given me the opportunity to learn in a warm and positive environment, but it has also boosted my confidence. I have noticed this for others too.

Coming from a bilingual unit learning environment in Year 4 to Year 8, to where I am learning in English, was a big change for me. But the fact that I am surrounded by people who encourage me to do my best is the best part of being in this school. Students often have a rough patch when they're growing up, especially when they are in our age group. It is not always easy to start at a new school full of different people we don't even know, but we learn from it. It teaches us to appreciate the things that come from these opportunities.

Being in a learning environment with other people that I've never seen before has helped me and others. How? It gives us a reason to build our confidence, make new friends, communicate and share ideas with teachers. Teachers are also like our parents. Yes, they're there to teach us but they also care. And that's what makes a great school - when everyone bonds strongly together, there can be some amazing work.

Faafetai lava mo le avanoa. Soifua.