Aims and Future

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The Aims of South Auckland Middle School are:


  • To provide a window of opportunity for outstanding learning for Year 7 to 10 students.
  • To play a significant part in preparing students for full and effective participation in their future academic, cultural, sporting, social and working lives.
  • To provide a learning environment that is thorough, innovative and able to be applied to the best advantage to each student through their individualised education.


Our Vision Statement is:

  • Through effective teaching, a supportive learning environment, an optimal day structure and an integrated curriculum, young people develop and learn and have a base for excellence in all spheres of life.


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The Core Values of the School are:

  • Excellence in learning.
  • Cooperation among students, families and the community. 
  • Building of personal character through applied Christian values.
  • A strong emphasis on thinking skills and students understanding how they think and learn.


Features and Future:

  • A small school environment.
  • An in-class student:teacher ratio of no more than 15:1.
  • Individualised education for each student.
  • A modified day structure to allow excellent learning outside of the classroom and the use of community resources. It also allows students to develop skills in independent learning.
  • Excellent learning resources including up-to-date and thoughtfully-used ICT.