Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of student attends South Auckland Middle School?

Students of all ability levels. The key is that with small class sizes, an integrated project-based curriculum, I.B.P's, split day and the care and professionalism from each staff member, we are able to cater for all students and encourage them to excel.


Are there any fees?

South Auckland Middle School is a Designated Character School. The education is free and uniform, stationery, field trips and on-site I.T. is provided.


How structured is the learning environment?

The school is both structured and disciplined. The students complete three full classes each morning in the core subjects (Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies, Technology) and also have an independent learning hour. In their independent time, the Year 7 & 8 students are supervised during 2 to 3 of the periods. All students have access to teaching staff to answer their questions during this time. There is a very high expectation that students use their independent time to the best of their ability. 


What is the practical outcome of the Christian focus and principles?

On a day-to-day basis, there are expections surrounding the level of demonstrated respect that staff, students and members of community have for each other.

The school does not have formal religious education but the Christian ethic and worldview is a foundation to all of our teaching. The children feel comfortable being challenged on their thoughts and challenging others (including staff).

Students come to the school from a diverse range of backgrounds.  We do not believe any feel uncomfortable at South Auckland Middle School due to their culture or beliefs. 


How can parents be involved?

We warmly welcome parent involvement at South Auckland Middle School. An open-door policy will operate with parents, family and wider whānau, who are all welcome to visit the school, to talk informally with teachers and to look at their child’s work. The school will have a designated whānau or aiga space where families can meet with staff and each other. Brochures and information about local community support groups and educational opportunities will be available. The use of community members, parents, family and wider whānau as learning resources and tutors will be actively encouraged, and we will strive to build these relationships. A parent will be encouraged to be in partnership with the school for their child’s education.